30 Minute Hugger Fit Test

Take 30 minutes to wear test your Hugger over a tank top 😊Allow your body to adjust to the feel of mapped compression.

What is a 30 minute Hugger fit test? 

Take 30 minutes to wear test your Hugger over a tank top 😊

Here's the details:

  • We recommend wearing your Hugger over a tank top for a 1/2 hour so that your body can adjust to the to the feel of good compression.
  • Your Hugger can feel perfect right away or a bit “tight" or even a bit “loose” when you first put it on because the unique 360 mapped compression is made to work with your body to provide secure and comfortable compression so give it a few minutes.
  • You can also consider adding the PrimaEXTENDER or the VidaEXTENDER to upsize one size for reduced compression if you feel it is too restrictive after 1/2 hour of wear or downsize one size if you feel that the compression needs to be higher. Always consult your medical professional with any compression questions you have specific to your recovery.

The Fit Chart is super accurate (we have used these measurements on thousands of unique bodies with success) so if you have any other questions about the right fit for you, we would always start by confirming your Band Size.  You can check out our Fit Chart here.


Sending all the good vibes your way!