Are you Planet friendly?

Being kind to the planet with every choice, large & small.

At Prairie Wear we put sustainability at the forefront of every decision, small and large, to protect our planet and our bodies.

  1. Remote & global: With no physical office locations, Prairie Wear has been a fully remote, paperless company since its inception, minimizing our carbon footprint and setting us up for success in today’s digital world.
  2. Carbon offset: We utilize a carbon offset program to ensure that through the purchase of carbon credits we are putting back at least as much as our shipping is taking from the planet. Currently we support programs working to help avoid deforestation int eh Amazon in key regions of Brazil and Colombia.
  3. Long-lasting products: Every component of our Huggers, including our high-performance, antibacterial, microfibre yarn, is made from sustainable materials that are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 tested and certified as safe for direct skin contact. We are committed to creating long-lasting bras that keep their shape and support; don’t need to be replaced every 3 to 6 months; and require less washing, using less water, power, and chemical content.
  4. Minimal packaging: Our Huggers are packaged in one reusable poly bag with one square tag to reduce waste and the time it takes to get your bra from the bag and onto your body. This philosophy means we don’t have all the flashy features in our deliveries, but it also means that we’re protecting our beautiful earth as much as we can while still ensuring you get the right product in a safe, secure way.
  5. Conscious manufacturing: We continuously look for ways to reduce waste, manufacturing time, and energy. That’s why we offer only size sizes and four colours for a minimal SKU range that makes our Huggers easy to stock and fit for simplified production while still covering a much larger size and shape range than any of our competitors.


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