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Do you have a Warranty Item purchased with your Wholesale Account to review?

Here is your simple warranty item review guidelines – that you may not ever have to do with our less than 1% return rate for warranty :)

Here’s the good news, a warranty item is typically really obvious, super quickly. And, we will say this again - with our less than 1% return for Warranty (manufacturer defects like stitching or hardware), we know our Huggers are super durable but we also know that things can happen and this might be one of those.

First, be confident that we are here to help :)

If the warranty item is identified:

  • at time of order intake or
  • prior to a Customer purchase or
  • if you have a Customer who has contacted you about a warranty item within 30 days or less of *their purchase.  (*their purchase = the date on the receipt when your customer purchased directly from you).

Here’s three easy steps to request a warranty review:

Step 1 – Send us an E-Mail :)

  • E-mail yoursupport@prairiewear.com with this information:
  • Subject Line: Warranty Review – Order #
  • Include a photo and a brief description of the warranty item

Step 2 – Warranty Review

  • We will review the warranty item with our Production & QC Team.

Step 3 – Our Solution

  • We will contact you within 7 business days or less to coordinate a solution. :)

After 30 days? If you have a customer who has identified a warranty item over 30 days after their purchase from you, a return or exchange from your customer (to you) would be as per your policy and discretion. Specifically, you work directly with your customer for a return or exchange. Next, you can process an exchange/return with us to purchase an exchange garment or review a manufacturer defect, etc. or return an unused/new garment for refund.


Our goal is for you & your customer’s to feel supported and LOVE your Huggers!

We look forward to creating a solution with you 😊