Can my Medical Professional call you?

Does your Med Pro need some Hugger education or have some questions about your best Hugger fit?

Your medical professional – surgeon, nurse, certified lymphedema therapist, physical therapist, patient navigator, certified medical fitter, etc – can find information & reach out here:

Website: Medical Professionals tab in the menu bar

Phone:  1-888-746-7360 💛

Just One Compression Bra & Binder for Patients

One unique, expertly designed compression bra with just 2 styles & 6 sizes that you can use effectively with your Post-Surgical, Lymphedema & Active Recovery patients.

Fits band size 26 - 52 inches with just one measurement and an optional Extender for even more versatility so that finding the right fit for your patient, ordering and stocking a versatile compression bra is effortless for you and your team - and awesome for your patient :)