How do I measure my Band Size?

Just one measurement, really! Finding the right fit is simple.

First, grab a fabric measuring tape. If you don't have a fabric measuring tape, no worries! Grab a string, shoe lace, ribbon or even your phone cord charger and a ruler or measuring tape to measure the string/shoe lace/ribbon/phone cord :)

Next, measure above your chest directly under your arms and above the breast line to find your correct band size. 



Done! It is that easy :) To find your best fit, simply check out our Fit Chart 

You may be asking "Why do we take just one measurement and why is it above the chest?" Great question!

Our Huggers are made to work with the unique contours of each body like a second skin and will accommodate the body's size/shape fluctuations with post-surgical or lymphedema swelling, nursing, menopause, breast reconstruction (expanders) or asymmetry (lumpectomy, unilateral mastectomy, edema) or flat (mastectomy without reconstruction)  etc. so the measurement above the chest is accurate for best fit.

Always consult your medical professional with any compression questions you have specific to your recovery. (Or have them call us!)


Sending out tons of #huggerLOVE and lots of good vibes!