How do I place my Order?

Super simple! Visit to find your Hugger.

We are all about creating communities of support :) 

We want you to be able to find the right Hugger compression bra for you so we work with local retail stores, medical professionals and institutions or you can order online.


Want to order online 24/7 for delivery directly to you? Shop Prairie Wear 

Finding the right compression bra for you is simple:

  • Choose your style - Easy with only 3 styles, 6 sizes & 3 colours
  • Order your size - All you need is one measurement. Really!
  • All day comfort & support - Delivered directly to you, 24/7 easy wear & care :)

Local Retail Stores

Want to try on a Hugger locally? Shop Local

Local Medical Professionals & Institutions

Are you working with a local medical professional or institution? Ask your local medical professional about your Hugger or you can have them Contact Us directly :)