Meet your HuggerPRIMA :)

Finally, a compression bra that is made to adapt to each unique body and feels like a hug!

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Type of Compression

  • High to Medium Compression
  • High Comfort Index
  • Full Body & Axilla Coverage
  • Unisex

Key Features

• Targeted, mapped 360° compression with 4 compression zones

• Full axilla & body coverage

• Breast/Body pockets, dual layered technology

• 24/7 Wire Free wearability

• Adjustable straps with 2 zipper g-hooks for easy on/off

• Operating Room ready flat lay, velcro & latex free

• Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified


Used For

  • Everyday Active
    • high impact sport, running, larger cup size security, nursing moms
  • At Work
    • Whether you work up a sweat at work or sit in front of your laptop, you can wear this comfy compression bra :)
  • Medical
    • Post-Surgical: Post-surgical bra & binder that you can use with prosthetics, padding, pressure pads ice, during chemotherapy (chemo-port access), for axilla compression and comfort. For a list of surgeries used in click here
    • Lymphedema: Daily compression, Physical Therapy support, compression between lymph drainage massage, alternative to bandaging

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