Modesty Pad Wear and Care

The Modesty Pads are super easy to care for, whether you want to wear them or not :)

Your Hugger is machine wash & dry (no bleach/no fabric softener) and made to be durable with high performance antibacterial/moisture wicking yarn for long term wear so you can wear it a lot and wash it a little 😊 


If you find that the pad is “getting crumbled up” during washing, you may want to try one/more of the following:

  • Zip up the Hugger prior to washing.
  • Put your Hugger into a lingerie bag for washing.
  • Remove the pads prior to washing.


You can also straighten the pad out after washing or move it back into the placement you prefer. 


If you find there is some wrinkling or creases in the pad, simply lightly moistening the pad itself (remove from Hugger) and place back inside the pocket of your Hugger for wear.