The Prairie Wear Story

Where did Prairie Wear start, and where is it headed?

From the very beginning our intention was to create a better bra – one that is not only safe for your body and the planet, but that we believe is the most comfortable bra you will ever wear.

Prairie Wear started with the simple challenge to make a better solution for post-surgical support. A deep dive into fabric technology, garment construction, breast movement, what the medical fraternity was looking for, and probably most important, how people felt when wearing and living in bras led to the understated technical WOW of our Huggers – that is what makes them so amazingly comfortable and yet supportive and life-changing. And that’s what we hear literally every day from Hugger fans – "you changed my life" 💛

It's time to ditch the uncomfortable bras! If it’s made to look pretty but not fit well, feel good or last, it’s not for us.

Join Prairie Wear’s breast forward movement of trailblazers, world changers, and comfort seekers to make the world a better place, one expertly designed bra at a time.