What Compression Level are the Huggers?

Huggers are a Class 1 Medical Compression Garment eligible for coverage by (most) insurance as a pocketed bra as well as for DME’s for Lymphedema in some cases.

However, we want to be clear that, to our knowledge, there is no comprehensive or regulated compression value for "medical grade compression"  - particularly in a compression bra.

For Class I Compression Garments – including bras – there is no compression value definition for “medical grade compression” (U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Title 21)

So, if a Class I Compression Garment is claiming that it has “medical grade compression”, the “medical grade” compression measurement is subjective and without defined, measurable guidelines. The “15-20mmHG” guideline typically mentioned often refers to Class I compression stockings but even that (try googling it!) is subjective and not consistent in documentation.

We encourage you to speak with your insurance representative directly for confirmation of coverage (with a prescription) and with your medical professional if you have questions regarding the best compression for your active recovery requirements.

Alternatively, many of our amazing Retail Store partners can assist with Insurance coordination.

You can check here to see if one is in your area here: Store Locator

What we do know is that our 360 mapped compression Huggers are designed to give you great compression where you need it with 24/7 wearability :)


Wishing you the very best,

Prairie Wear Team