What do we mean by Body Friendly?

When we say “body friendly” we mean that everything about our Huggers is designed to feel good while it does what it needs to and you can just focus on your recovery.

No friction points, no hard to reach fasteners, no metal against the skin, no Velcro to scratch, no seams on vulnerable body points, no digging straps, no constantly slipping-off straps, no underwires, no fasteners on the back so you can lie down comfortably, special G-hooks so they’re easy to put on and take off, nothing but beautifully clever mapped support and care to help you feel better and get better as soon as you put one on.

Adding an EXTENDER can also help make your Hugger more comfortable to sleep in and helps with support as expanders are filled for reconstruction and with post-surgical swelling and lymphedema so you can keep using your Hugger for as long as you want to.


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