What is the difference between a HuggerPRIMA and a HuggerVIDA?

The compression level and the coverage, or how much of the body is covered by the product.

The HuggerPRIMA - High to Medium Compression with Full Coverage Compression Bra / Binder -  looks & feels more like a vest than a typical bra.

For full compression and coverage, post-surgically or in lymphedema management, we recommend the HuggerPRIMA. 

The HuggerPRIMA (unisex) will also lay flat against the chest wall by removing the modesty pads.

The HuggerVIDA  -  Medium to Low Compression with less coverage than the HuggerPRIMA - looks more like a typical bra or sports bra in terms of how it fits and covers the body.

If you are looking for a reduction in compression and coverage from our HuggerPRIMA, the HuggerVIDA is a great bra for every day and to transition back into everyday activities or if you have to wear compression 24/7 for an extended period of time, you can wear your VIDA during the day and your PRIMA at night.  


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