Which Hugger is the right fit for you?

Looking for a great every day bra for activity, at work or medical (post-surgical, lymphedema, etc.)? We are here to support you :)

For full compression and coverage, post-surgically or in lymphedema management or for larger cup size security, we recommend the HuggerPRIMA.

If you are looking for a reduction in compression and coverage from our HuggerPRIMA, the HuggerVIDA is a great bra for every day activity & at work and, for those in recovery, transition back into everyday activities.

During key recovery times, particularly during 24/7 wear for extended periods of time, you can  consider wearing your VIDA during the day and your PRIMA at night.  

You can also add a PrimaEXTENDER or VidaEXTENDER for even more size versatility to accommodate for swelling, bandages or to reduce compression when you need it.

For everyday active with high support, high to medium compression but less coverage than the HuggerPRIMA, the HuggerLUMA is perfect for working out and going straight to work or home :)

Always consult your medical professional with any compression questions you have specific to your recovery. (Or have them call us!)

Pro tip: Your Huggers are made to wear a lot and wash a little so feel confident wearing your Hugger 24/7 and then a simple machine wash & dry when you are ready  (no fabric softener or bleach).

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Sending out tons of good vibes & #huggerLOVE your way,