Why does my HuggerPRIMA have a center g-hook in a contrasting colour?

Meet the new center g-hook with a contrasting colour for easy-on easy-off assistance when you need some extra help:)


HuggerPRIMA Contrasting G-hook


You may have noticed a new design (the center g-hook with a contrasting colour)  from your original HuggerPRIMA to the one you got today :) Here's why:


Dedication to Design Innovation & Feedback

You know that we are dedicated to continually improving our Huggers with the best design solutions.  Some of very our best ideas for improvement come from you - our Hugger Wearers! 

Over the last 4 years, our number one request has been to add a contrasting colour center g-hook so that you can "see" the g-hook to more easily loop it into the other side - especially when you might have some vision impairment from medications or misplacing your glasses, etc.


Why only 1 G-Hook in a contrasting colour?

We, literally, agonize over every design change and try to see any change from all perspectives.

So, here is why we only changed the center g-hook instead of both the bottom & center g-hook:

1) The center g-hook is the only one you need to "see" more efficiently for use and the contrasting colour is hidden once your Hugger is zipped up.

2) The bottom g-hook is already visible for use AND it means that when your Hugger is zipped up,  your Hugger is all one colour - simple elegance :)


There are all kinds of Hugger Wearers in the world and while this is just a small design update, it can be mighty to those who need it 💛  Thank you for all of the feedback, #prairiecircle! 

Thank you! We Appreciate You! - Love Prairie Wear