Does the bottom band on my Hugger fit right?

The bottom band on your Huggers are made to work with your unique body :)

The bottom band on our Huggers are made to move with the body, bridge the inframammary fold and provide an anchor point for compression without the restriction like a traditional compression bra with seams - a superhero for our 360 degree mapped compression bra!

Your body will tell the bottom band what to do so that your Hugger will comfortably adapt to the contours of your body.

On some bodies or with some activities, the bottom band will roll which the band is made to do without increasing restriction.

You may notice this more with the HuggerPRIMA with the wider band. You could consider the HuggerVIDA , which has a shorter band width but less compression and coverage than our HuggerPRIMA. 

Questions about Fit? 

30 Minute Fit Test

Let's Confirm Your Band Size 



Once you've confirmed your band size, here are a few things to consider in regards to the fit of your compression bra:

  • Sizing up/adding an EXTENDER may, in fact, cause the band to roll and/or press into the inframammary fold.  This is why its so important to confirm your band size.
  • You can place additional compression padding directly into the Hugger pocket so it isn’t against your skin.
  • The HuggerVIDA can be a great bra to transition back into everyday activities or to wear during the day and the HuggerPRIMA at night if you have to wear compression 24/7 for an extended period of time. Always consult your medical professional with any compression questions you have specific to your recovery. (Or have them call us!)

Check out the Fit Chart on our website 😊


Sending out tons of #huggerLOVE and lots of good vibes!