Wash & Care Instructions for your Hugger

Your Hugger is machine wash & dry! Yay!


Your Hugger is made to put on your body safely right out of the package and wear 24/7 for a few days (particularly during key recovery times) or through a few gym sessions (let it hang to dry in between use) or a week or two of every day use.

When you are finally ready to wash your Hugger, here are your super simple Wash & Care instructions:

Machine Wash 

  • No Bleach
  • No Fabric Softener (yes, this includes those cute deodorizer beads 😉)

Tumble Dry 

  • Low Heat

  • Washing Tips:
    • If you are not using a lingerie bag for your Hugger in the wash, you may want to zip up your Hugger to protect your other items in the wash and your Hugger zipper from catching on items in your wash or the washer itself.
    • Removable modesty pads information :)

Less wash & more wear! Better for your body 😘 & better for the planet 💛

Better for the Planet

Happy Hugger Wearing,