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Do you have a Return or Exchange request purchased with your Wholesale Account?

Follow these simple guidelines and steps to submit your request to return or exchange a garment purchased using your Wholesale Account.

With our super simple, body friendly sizing, you will find that the return and exchange rate is very low – especially when you utilize the Fit Chart & Fit Tips :)

First, if you have a return or exchange, be confident that we are here to help :)

If you have identified a return or exchange:

  • at time of order intake or
  • prior to a Customer purchase or
  • if you have a Customer who has contacted you about a return or exchange within 30 days or less of *their purchase.  (*their purchase = the date on the receipt when your customer purchased directly from you).
    • Over 30 days? If you have a customer who requests a return or exchange over 30 days after their purchase from you, a return or exchange from your customer (to you) would be as per your policy and discretion. Specifically, you work directly with your customer for a return or exchange. Next, you can process an exchange/return with us to purchase an exchange garment or return an unused/new garment for refund.

Next, here’s three easy steps to request a return or exchange:

Step 1 – Send us an E-Mail :)

  • E-mail yoursupport@prairiewear.com with this information:
  • Subject Line: Return or Exchange – Order #
  • Include the return or exchange details
    • Style, Size, Colour
    • Reason for the Return or Exchange - ie) Wrong Style, Wrong Fit (too big, too small), Did not need, etc.

Step 2 – Return or Exchange Review

  • We will confirm receipt of your request and review the return or exchange request within 2 business days or less.

Step 3 – Return or Exchange Order

  • After we have reviewed your request, we will confirm the return or exchange order within 2 business days or less.
    • Refund: Once we are in receipt of your return and the return garment meets the return criteria listed above, we will issue a refund to your original order payment within seven business days of receiving your package and follow up with an email confirmation of your refund. (minus per Wholesale item restocking fee of $7.00 (2023) and return shipping).

Helpful Hints for you & your customer prior to processing a return or exchange:

If your customer requests a return or exchange, we recommend reviewing the following information (either in person or via e-mail) BEFORE starting the return or exchange process:

As it relates to the fit of the Hugger, here are a few things to consider:

  • Band Size for Best Fit: Confirm your Band Size and reference the Fit Chart for best fit recommendation.
  • 30 Minute Fit Test: Take 30 minutes to wear test your Hugger over a tank top :) Allow your body to adjust to the feel of mapped compression. 
  • 360 Mapped Compression: Designed to provide 360 mapped compression where you need it (ie: axilla, upper & lower pole) and reduced compression where you don't (ie: breast cup, band, upper back) so that you can wear your Hugger comfortably but securely 24/7. The Huggers are made to move with your body (like the bottom band **add link here).
  • Easy Wear & Care – Machine Wash 😊: Your Hugger is machine wash & dry! Yay! (no bleach or fabric softener)

Click here to review our Wholesale return, exchange and warranty policy.

Need to send us a Warranty item for review? Click Here :)

Have more questions?

If you would like to make a Return, Exchange or have a Warranty review after your inspection, please send us an email to yoursupport@prairiewear.com, We love talking Hugger and we really appreciate YOU!