Can I Return or Exchange?

Yes! It is super easy :) We want to make sure you have the right compression bra for you!

Exchange, Return & Refund Policy 


Step 1: Let's make sure you have the right Hugger for you!

As it relates to the fit of your Hugger, here are a few things to consider:

  • Band Size for Best Fit: Finding a compression bra that fits is super easy - just 1 measurement :)
  • 30 Minute Fit Test: Take 30 minutes to wear test your Hugger over a tank top :) Allow your body to adjust to the feel of mapped compression. 
  • Comfort & Security: You should feel secure and comfortable in your Hugger :) 
  • Which Hugger is right for you? Looking for a great every day bra for Post-Surgical, Lymphedema and Everyday. We are here to support you :) Consult with your Medical Professional with any compression questions you have specific to your recovery.
  • Versatile Breast/Body Pocket: Made with dual layered technology for a secure fit away from the skin for localized compression
  • 360 Mapped Compression: Designed to provide 360 mapped compression where you need it (ie: axilla, upper & lower pole) and reduced compression where you don't (ie: breast cup, band, upper back) so that you can wear your Hugger comfortably but securely 24/7
  • Easy Wear & Care – Machine Wash 😊: Your Hugger is machine wash & dry! Yay! (no bleach or fabric softener)

Most importantly, we want you to have a compression bra/binder that works for you!

After you have confirmed your Band Size & completed your Best Fit Test, let us know if you need to return or exchange - no, worries! We are here for you :)


Step 2: Ready to make a return or an exchange?


Next, go to our Return/Exchange Portal here:

Prairie Wear | Return, Exchange & Warranty Portal

Did you purchase your Hugger directly from another Retail Store ?( Find A Store Here ) No worries! For a return, exchange or warranty inquiries, you will simply need to contact the Retail Store from whom you made your purchase directly. The Retail Store information should appear on your purchase receipt with your actual purchasing information including cost and credit card payment information.


Warranty Question?

Hugger Warranty Information :)


Have more questions?

Please send us an email to We love talking Hugger and we really appreciate YOU!



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